The Governess Who Stole My Heart

A Historical Regency Romance Novel

The Governess Who Stole My Heart

The heart always knows best...

Everything changes in Susan Wilton’s life, when she takes the position of nanny-governess to Elizabeth, the five-year-old daughter of the Duke of Lennox. The Duke while charming and vigorous is still suffering from the loss of his wife in giving birth to their daughter.

As Susan and the Duke work together, they find they have a lot in common, and mutual fascination grows, followed by a developing romance. However, Susan, also courted by Daniel, a handsome and dashing naval captain, finds she is torn between the two men and feels she is unable to commit to either.

But things are never exactly what they seem to be, and soon life-changing events begin to alter the dynamics in the two relationships as Susan begins to learn more about the two suitors.

♥ A historical romance novel full of twists that'll keep you turning the pages ♥

*The Governess Who Stole My Heart is a historical standalone story of 85,000 words (around 350 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

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  • I’ve read the Governess Who Stole My Heart and at the end was a link to get short story but it didn’t work on my Kindle nor did the link work on the first book the Duke Of My Heart. Thank you

    • I read 2 of your novels- The governess who stole my heart – and – Dashing duke for aemily-.

      Regreyfully, I unable to acsess the extended finish of the 2 books. I have no account with Facebook.

      Therefore, I don’t think I will buy your future books.

  • I also am unable to open the extended epilogue on my kindle. The book I have read is, “The Governess Who Stole My Heart”. Thanks

    • Sorry to hear that my dear 🙁 Can you please try from a mobile or a laptop please?

  • Love your books. I haven’t had any problems getting the extended epilogue on my kindle fire.

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